One's style should be an expression of empowerment, individuality, self-confidence, and creativity, and should never be compromised because of the cost of fashion.

Sadie’s Style shall be a boutique for those that may need a helping hand; in this case a helping hanger…

A Little Background

I am the proud grand-daughter of Sadie Burnim; an immigrant from England. She married my Grandfather Jack, an immigrant from Russia and together raised four children in Revere, Massachusetts. At one time or another they went through some financial hardship due to a lack of work or more mouths to feed because unexpected, but always welcomed, family that needed a helping hand. Growing up family gatherings were spent reminiscing of times of challenges, religious discrimination, and family sacrifice. Despite the hardships the family succeeded because of the generosity of family, neighbors & community.

We all need help at one time or another, and help should be given more than we need.

Grandma Sadie was my strongest fashion influence. She was beautiful and always fashionable! and because of her, fashion has become one of my greatest joys and expression of self style. 

I am proud to share Sadie’s Style: a community boutique that will honor people that love style, yet the cost of fashion is not in their budget.

Sadie’s Style will only be successful by way of community 

kindness & donations.